Tanner’s Apple Orchard | Evie + Family | Jonae Cheger Photography

Good Morning Everyone,

Sweet Evie and her family contacted me from Chicago several weeks ago. They planned to visit Tanner’s Apple Orchard up by Peoria Illinois. They thought, why not bring a Photographer along to capture some cute images as they picked apples with her for the first time. I love everything to do with fruit. I also love nature and trees. Earlier this year I was in Michigan capturing pictures in while picking blueberries. The year before I was out capturing Strawberry Sessions. Why not apples this year. Well, I have to confess after several sessions now in the Orchards, I am completely addicted to capturing families in the Orchards. So without talking your ear off anymore, here is a glimpse at Evie and her Parents having some fun picking apples.


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