2018 Best of Newborn Photography in Illinois | Central Illinois Family Photographer

April News!

Referral Program: I have to confess, I am not keeping up with my blog the way I intended. Every year I have this plan to post a new blog post every week. Well, I get busy editing and shooting sessions. Its a good problem. I wanted everyone to know of a Newborn Referral Program I started this year. Basically, any client who refers a newborn session to me will receive $25 off their next session. Obviously, that newborn session has to take place before the credit will be active. You are my best marketing. Word of mouth from trusted friends and family who have used me in the past, is always taken better than just reading what I say I can do in a Marketing Add. I appreciate all my Friends and Clients from the past and hope to see all of you again sometime in the future.

Studio: Our new studio space, as many already know, is attached to our home. We decided to let the big studio space go in 2016. At that point we moved to a couple rental homes as we figured out the house we would buy. So my little studio space changed a few times in all the moving. I appreciate everyone sticking through that crazy time period. In the middle of the Summer we opened up in my new space. However, its a work in progress. I would have posted more images of the studio, but have been waiting for warmer weather so we can finish buttoning up some of the ceiling and trim. Once that is done, I promise to show it off.

On Location VS. In Studio: We did go down in size with the new studio space. I did this for two reasons. It was the only option with our new home. Also, I love families outside. The studio is intended for the following; Newborn, Small Sibling Groups, Individual Sessions with Children, Tweens, Teens and Seniors, Business Headshots and Holiday Mini Sessions. I wanted to make sure I kept a studio because weather in Central Illinois is highly unpredictable and small children need warm studios for a lot of their sessions. I also like having the option to do backdrops and setups anytime of day. Outside location shoots are subject to the weather and sunlight. So we are always trying to find the best time of day for your specific shoot.

Please email jonae@cheger.com, if you are curious about setting up a session and need more information. I do travel to Peoria Illinois, Bloomington Illinois, Normal Illinois, Springfield Illinois and surrounding areas.  On location sessions do not have to be in Lincoln Illinois, where my studio is located.