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Hi, I am Jonae. Welcome to my Whimsical Photography Corner on the Web:-) Exploring the Imagination of Childhood is what I love to capture every week. I love capturing snuggles and giggles between family parents and their sweet children too. Take a peek around, you may stumble upon glitter, laughter, bubbles, water, mud, cupcakes, frogs, dead fish (long story) and love. Its all mixed in my sessions to capture the reality of childhood.

Jonae Cheger Photography has been a staple of the Central Illinois Photography World for 9 years.  She specializes in Belly to Baby, Baby to Child, Child to Senior and all the family moments in between.

She is known as a Creative to all who know her. Inspired daily by everything around her and the imagination of children with all the fun and magic that makes life sweet.


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