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Clients & Lovers of Photography,

This was my first In Home Newborn session since we dropped the studio space and changed the face of Jonae Cheger Photography. I have several sessions in my edit box to complete since changing my direction, but wanted to share a little of this one. I offer to come into your home with my studio accessories and props for Newborn up through 1 Year Old Sessions. All other sessions are outside. I use mainly natural light, but if we have a dark/cloudy/stormy day, I will use some artificial light to bring the images to life. Please contact me with questions you may have and please do not wait until your baby is born to try and schedule a newborn session. I ask that couples get their due dates on my calendar, so I have a general idea of when baby might arrive. This takes a little more planning and I ask a few more questions about colors, outfits and style preferences, but it has been a fun month moving in this new path. Thank you for everyone who is staying with me as a client while I adjust. I have had a lot of great feedback so far.

Thank You,

Jonae Cheger


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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have been extremely busy this Summer and a little behind on posting some of the beautiful Clients who have visited me. This post is packed with some of my favorites. Enjoy!


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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.32.28 PMPINIMAGEScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.32.38 PMPINIMAGE

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What is Changing?

It’s time for some big changes to my Photography Business. I know several of you have been emailing and asking what is going on. Sorry I had to get my ducks in a row before I made any big statements about it all. I must say right away, I am not closing my business. I am not stopping being a Photographer. Now that I have that out of the way, here is what is changing.

I have had different shifts in my business since I opened in 2009. Many families have been with me through it all and some of you have joined along the way. I would not be where I am today without you enjoying the images I capture of your families. You spread the love and share my name with your friends and family. You have simply been amazing with your support. So I am hoping that you will trust me in this big change and continue to give me the opportunity to capture your families.

I have made the bitter sweet decision to not keep my studio space. I am making the big shift back to Lifestyle and On Location Photography. Honestly, this is not an over night decision. I have been moving back to it for some time. As I have been shifting sessions back outside and offering to capture your newborns from the comfort of your own homes, it has become more apparent that my studio space is not getting used enough to make sense in keeping it. We hope to eventually buy a home to have a building on our own property or a room built on the home that would be my studio space down the road, but at this time I will be purely a Lifestyle & On Location Photographer.

I will still have great props and newborn accessories to continue my work, but will be bringing things with me to shoots again instead of in studio. It honestly may not bother very many of you, but I needed to let everyone know the studio space will be done by end of July. So if your really wanting to get in the studio for pictures, then please email me at jonae@cheger.com. I do have some slots available before we move out.

Below are my price lists. Your welcome to start booking up through December for Fall and Holiday sessions. I will be a little more limited in how many I can take a day, if I am traveling around. So please contact me soon to get your date on the calendar. I also have some amazing blue truck as well as red truck mini sessions coming up. Dates are in the pages below. Fall and Holiday sessions will be in Springfield, Lincoln, and Bloomington Illinois. The location will be determined by the first person who books that day.

Thank you for your support as I shift my business focus.

Jonae Cheger Photography




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