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Thank you for taking time to view my website. Photography is my way of capturing my Clients personalities and character, freezing it in time, and knowing that the images will be cherished forever. I look forward to meeting you and helping create cherished memories for your walls and albums.

We are a family focused and owned small business. My team is made up of my little family. They support me and allow me to get away and capture images. Often they find me editing when they are sitting down for family movie time. It is our way of life and we love it. My husband is my Tech Support as well as the Second Photographer at all my Weddings. We are Foster Parents as well so our little team expands at different times. 

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Jonae is a Professional Photograph in the Centeral Illinois area. She specializes in Photographing Newborns, Children, Seniors, & Families. Families drive from up to two hours away to have her capture special Newborn and Children images. If you would like more information, please email jonae@cheger.com

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When I was about 6 years old, my Dad gave me a disposable Kodak camera. He sent me outside his small office into an open sidewalk area that ran through all the business in his building. I remember I using up all the film in it on my little baby doll, but honestly that is about all I remember. My Dad use to take me as his Assistant, when I was in High School, to help carry his gear around as he photographed ‘Old School’ Weddings. When I say ‘Old School’, I mean straight up film cameras. Film prints look different and have this magical nostalgia about them.

I turned my hobby and love of Photography into a business in 2009. My experience was very sparse and I was definitely an amateur, but my love for learning and creativity pushed me to where I am today. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and I spent all my extra time taking courses online from well known Professional Photographers. I have a Bachelor in Business & Organizational Leadership. I also became a backdrop designer in 2015. I had always designed elaborate setups for my clients, but realized not every Photographer has the space or time for scenes in studio.  You can find my designs over at Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops with Jen Stow.

My Photography is mainly newborn Itty Bitty Babies and children. I take a set amount of Weddings, Seniors and Families each year for sessions too. My Clients often comment that they love how patient I am with their children and that I am a Baby Whisperer. I honestly just think children pick up on how much I enjoy them. I do have a lot of experience with Newborn Babes and young children. I try every possible way I can come up with during the session to bring them out of their shells. Sometimes it is all about timing their naps and giving them the best possible chance to give me their personalities. I love to style the sessions to fit what your wanting or have special setups and props for certain times of the year. The main focus is to capture your child as they are in that simple stage of life/milestone they are currently in. Even if your little one is being silly or overly giddy. Maybe with a little sass or attitude. I am still going to capture the images. Eventually you will look back on those faces and all the character they had popping out of them. You will love them. Why, because you want to see your child in those images as they were at that specific time in their life. So plan and then when you arrive, take a step back and enjoy. Let me work with them and try to bring out what you are wanting to see. A session should always be fun. You might be busy putting them back in front of me at times, especially with a 2 year old, but enjoy it.

Please contact Jonae@cheger.com if you are interested in more details.

Your Photographer,

Jonae Cheger