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    Hi, I am Jonae Cheger a portrait photographer located in Illinois. I started Jonae Cheger Photography in 2009 and this is my journey in a blog that can be filled with client posts and the occasional personal posts. Hope you enjoy what you see! Pull up a chair and stay a while...

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Fresh Start…….2017

A fresh start or clean slate is always good to work your future ideas and plans out. I have been enjoying Photography for as long as I can remember. I started down the professional path in 2007 and opened up my own Photography Business in 2009. I have not looked back since that point. I wondered why it took me so long to find my path and grow with a passion that I have had since a little one, holding my Kodak disposable film camera. So many of you that have followed me over the years, know this back story. My business focus, studio locations and clients have changed over the past several years and I am sure more changes will happen in 2017. I hope that you continue to follow my photography work and enjoy all the smiles that I attempt to capture.

This past year was personally full of so many changes, that I feel completely turned around in circles. We had the misfortune of having my studio space broken into in the beginning of 2016. I did not let that get me down and glad we had insurance to purchase back some camera equipment that was stolen. It was a rough and emotional raw experience. To know that can happen and almost wipe out your business is hard to take. I felt really violated and wanted to give up for a few weeks. I was happy that you, my wonderful clients, continued to book with me and brought back my focus. I reevaluated whether I really needed that huge studio space. It has been my favorite studio of all with the wonderful natural light in the large windows and the historic building character, but was it really bringing in the profit to make sense with my business plan. There were times it made sense, but after really looking it over and realizing we may not be in Lincoln for another whole year to sign another lease, it was time to let go.

It was time to take a step of faith and move forward. My studio space was not my whole business. It was not what made my work what it was. It was just a space where I could let my creative ideas flow. I let it go in July and my calendar was booked all the way up into the cold months of the year with outdoor sessions along with in home sessions. I found that it really boosted my creativity to change up the scenery this way. It was so refreshing and continues to be so. We had more changes with selling our home in November, moving into a rental home, that home sold immediately and we moved into yet another house by January 1st of 2017. With both rental homes I have had a studio room available for my Newborn through young toddler sessions inside. This is important in Illinois for the Winter months.

I know this blog post is long, but if your still with me I wanted to thank you for sticking with me through all the twists and turns I have taken this year. I also know that many of you are waiting to see if we move to Indiana or not. I really hope you can stick out the wait with us. We should know by beginning of February. Life is a Journey and none of us really know what tomorrow will bring. I will say this, we plan to schedule where I can be in Illinois and Indiana for sessions at different points of the year. So please keep following me to know more over the next couple months.

Thank you,

Jonae Cheger Photography